GK 22 Forbidden Knowledge News Swap


One more discussion of the Hermetic Principles. Is it starting to sink in?

eefing yes.

 Check his channel. And find him everywhere podcasts live. His show is climbing the charts!

GK 21 Swap with Raised by Giants with Ryder Lee


Ok. So because this is important....7 Hermetic Principles again.

Properties of waves my friends, it's all waves. Enjoy the review.

Check out Ryder's Channel. Yap, it's loaded.

GK 20 Cosmic Keys Swapcast!


Oh man, I get on my high horse on this one. Help me dismount like 'little big man', please. I love you all. Lets do the thing!

Thank you so much to Dan from the Cosmic Keys Podcast. Check his site and listen.

I am back! 


GK-19 Ascension of the Chessmen!


I went on Ascension of the Chessmen Podcast and its a good thing too, because principles my friends, principles. Much thanks to Andre for inviting me. Check out his pod!

No intro y'all, no frills, no packaging, just real audio. The hottest medium. 

GreenKnight 18 - Polarity


I used to obsess about duality, then I realized polarity is the crux. I curse a bit in this one...and get emotional. No edits, but perhaps there should be. I still didn't nail it, though maybe close enough. Its pretty much stream of consciousness, so thank you for listening. 

UnCoin on

Where to find the NFT for the UnCoin. 


The sidebar of the website is only visible on the web version of the website. :)


GreenKnight 17 - Michael Wann! What???


Michael Wann joins us to discuss the false reality, identification, consciousness and various other fun subjects! We go hard on this one y'all. Mike is brilliant and diplomatic! :)


Be sure to listen to Mike's show and check his website. He is gifted and you might find something that rocks your boat.



GreenKnight 16 - Discussion with Alex Tsakiris from Skeptico!


Alex Tsakiris from the Skeptico Podcast dropped in to discus the nature of being human, evil, the myth of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and much more. We get deep into it y'all.