TJ from Contemporary Problems Podcast


I bring guests on to gauge their response to my message. TJ is brilliant and his low key delivery slides right behind your lenses. Much respect and love.



GK 24 Know Thy Self


Dang! I uploaded a series of videos to my YouTube channel. You will get it when you listen this episode.

Why? Chi Gong

It all comes together somehow, its a thing of beauty my friends. Lets fooking do dis.

Reboot in mode optimum and squad up. We roll at dawn.

GreenKnight 23 Self Reference


This is the culminating episode y'all. I end where I started and dang it was like getting the ball on the wing just past the half and driving it into the box to beat the goalie and walk it into the onion basket. I guess I am a Driver.

Don't not. It's a banger. 

There will be more, it's just the message is complete now. The ball is in the net, we can still play but it's a new game.


GK 22 Forbidden Knowledge News Swap


One more discussion of the Hermetic Principles. Is it starting to sink in?

eefing yes.

 Check his channel. And find him everywhere podcasts live. His show is climbing the charts!

GK 21 Swap with Raised by Giants with Ryder Lee


Ok. So because this is important....7 Hermetic Principles again.

Properties of waves my friends, it's all waves. Enjoy the review.

Check out Ryder's Channel. Yap, it's loaded.

GK 20 Cosmic Keys Swapcast!


Oh man, I get on my high horse on this one. Help me dismount like 'little big man', please. I love you all. Lets do the thing!

Thank you so much to Dan from the Cosmic Keys Podcast. Check his site and listen.

I am back! 


GK-19 Ascension of the Chessmen!


I went on Ascension of the Chessmen Podcast and its a good thing too, because principles my friends, principles. Much thanks to Andre for inviting me. Check out his pod!

No intro y'all, no frills, no packaging, just real audio. The hottest medium.