Hey all. I may not do this, but if you want an un-coin...order it from the store. 

The un-coin, or the anti-coin represents what we are not. (NFT version is 3D printable.) It is a recognition that value is derived from the exchange with others. There is no value without us and there is no value in isolation. We are not independent from each other, we are interdependent. We are not a threat to each other, we sustain each other. We are all set up to exchange value, but we are all unique. The value of each of us is immeasurable because anyone can be the source of something extraordinary in its application. No one should be denied their particular creative expression, because that limits what is possible. We are the value. We are life to one another. Knowing this, we can trust each other and unshackle our creative potential.

It will be on the Ethereum network prolly. Gas fees are a thing, pay to maintain the structure. We can see that crypto is elemental to decentralization, but we have to be certain that the rational for regulation is not an artificial scenario. Regulation is the death knell for this shit...its the offer again, made more attractive by chaos such as a hacking threat. We can use this open ledger as it was first presented, but it requires that people flip that switch on how they perceive value. An ever increasing supply actually is more valuable than a limited supply. But it cannot be marketed as rare. Its a subtle inversion. Crypto is a good way to exchange value. But with it limited, its merely another speculation machine, that actually mines value from a popularity index, which is how society functions. See?

If you get the un-coin you know who you are, if everyone gets it they know who they are. With everyone knowing who they are, trust is established and we can unleash the flood of creativity using our technical knowledge to facilitate our nature. Facilities. I can imagine everyone having access to the exchange and the means of production! That is what we can design together. 

Stay tuned.

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